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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

One of our big goals of the pop-up shop is to raise awareness and contribute to three incredible non-profits, including the Apex Protection Project - created in 2015 to save the wolf species through education, rescue and advocacy. Co-Founders Paula Ficara and Steve Wastell are the driving force behind this mission.

We got to visit their sanctuary outside of LA a couple years ago with a good friend that is a dedicated volunteer and it was honestly a life changing experience for me and Whalen (who had just turned 8). The calm energy that you must find within yourself to interact gracefully with the wolf dogs uncovered a peace we didn’t yet know was there. To see first-hand how Paula and Steve have completely immersed themselves into a life of caring and advocating for these beautiful animals is incredibly inspiring.

Here is one of my favorites with Paula + Riggs and ways you can help ❤️

From Apex Protection Project...

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