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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I’ve only recently been building Sharemrkt, but it’s been two decades in the making.

Early Days

I worked as a consultant since college… crazy hours, high risk projects with fortune 500 clients, and big global teams. Not an easy path, but I absolutely loved it. Getting the chance to work with talented people from all around the world was incredible.

For each project, my husband and I made a life for ourselves in a new city. We sought out ways to become part of the community and get to know the culture beneath the tourist veneer.

Tapping into the (then un-named) sharing economy was the best way to connect with locals. At that time, Craigslist, eBay and bulletin boards were the “platforms”, and were great resources during our travels and for everyday life.

The pivot

While we were living in LA a couple years ago, the sharing economy had a surge in momentum. I was excited to see startups leveraging the peer to peer model in such on-demand, high-tech ways and pushing innovation beyond travel – tackling all aspects of life. One cool startup was popping up after another! However, it was difficult to find providers outside of the big established few.

I dug deeper, and my excitement turned to concern…

How do we look for services we don’t even know exist?

Aren’t people frustrated bouncing across apps?

How can startups get traction and compete with the big guys?

Is it sustainable for sharing providers to use rigid platforms that take such big profit cuts?

Will this innovative sector just get sucked into the mainstream?

Sharemrkt was born

It was clear we needed a single marketplace. One where you can find anything, anywhere, it’s easy, and trusted. But, the sharing economy business model is young and disparate.

So, I set out to solve this.

I started sketching out an architecture for an interconnected global marketplace for providers and users. One that is a cooperative with partnerships at its core and is useful for everyday needs and for everyone, including those new to the sharing economy.

I've dedicated my career to transforming the world's largest corporations from siloed organizations to integrated innovative global enterprises. Why not apply this expertise to a space that desperately needs it and I care so deeply about?!

I think this is what they call your “aha moment”. Well, my aha hit me like a Mack truck. I immediately dove in and made plans to change my whole life.

All aboard!

We cashed in our life savings and decided to move overseas. I do my best thinking out of my comfort zone and wanted to design this from a global perspective.

Barcelona is ideal for us because they offer an entrepreneur visa, it is good for startups, good for my husband’s art, has a great cost of living, and the experience would have an incredible impact on our son who was heading into kindergarten.

Intersection of technology innovation & social impact

This is so much more to me than solving a business problem or building the next killer app. It’s about harnessing all of the potential of the sharing economy and helping to forge a new future of work.

The sharing economy is typically carried out between individuals (called “peer to peer”, to learn more about it check out… What is the Sharing Economy?). What a force for empowering people! We don’t have to rely solely on a company to pursue our passion or make a living for our family – we are empowered to do this on our own.

I am determined to create a platform with the long view. One that is fair, that is built on partnerships and shared ownership, and supports a thriving, sustainable sharing economy.

I’m passionate about the platform we’re building, and just as passionate about the kind of company that’s building it! I want to reflect the peer to peer marketplace we’re enabling. One where employees, like sharing providers, are out pursuing their passion. One that is grounded in equality and inclusion. When a diverse group works together in a vibrant and respectful environment, the results are electric!

Sharemrkt is live!!

We launched our beta at Ouisharefest in Barcelona and are now making our way around the globe. I’m excited to share with you what we’re building! A huge THANK YOU to the Sharemrkt team, and all my friends and family for the incredible support!!!

So, jump in and join me! Reach out with any ideas and to get involved. Please sign-up on Sharemrkt and discover all that you can do in the sharing economy.

And, spread the word… MORE SHARING MORE LOVE!!!! xo

Photo: Gina working outside of King’s art studio in Sabadell, Spain

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