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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Gina Farish has created an easy way to support small businesses while also giving back to local nonprofits.

SHAREMRKT, an online pop-up shop focusing on sustainable products, is launching tomorrow as part of Small Business Saturday. The shop includes unique gift bags filled with ethically-sourced products from artisans, while 50% of proceeds benefit nonprofits. Gift bags vary from $15-$100 and each bag includes two or three gifts crafted by local artisans.

Choose from a variety of products including a handmade ceramic bowl from People's Pottery, a vegan dog collar by Royal Bone, hand-knit scarf designed by Feeling Moody, sweet treat organic vegan cookies from Tender microbakery and chai tea from Wild Terra, and a one-of-a-kind handmade mug from artist, Michael Perkin. There's also an option of adding a personal greeting in a stylish sustainable "more sharing more love" bag designed by Brazilian graffiti artist, Tarso Silvo.

SHAREMRKT is a new, purpose-driven marketplace launching in Los Angeles to help local artisans and nonprofits connect. "At SHAREMRKT we want to bring people together with meaningful connections and shared experiences," says Farish. "While we're not able to get out and fully explore our own city during the pandemic, we hope to bring these connections home. We're excited to collaborate with so many talented artisans who pour their passions into what they make."

"They've come together to curate gift bags that are similar to what you might have selected walking through a holiday market," Farish continues. "Small businesses are the creative backbone of our economy but they get hit the hardest in times like this. We're pleased to give half of our proceeds to a few tremendous causes to help those in need. These feel-good gifts are an expression of love to help lift each other up."

To find more information about the artisans and how you can support SHAREMRKT, visit

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